Round 30 October 14, 2016 00:00

Round 30 Opens tomorrow, Saturday October 15th! 
There are 3 prints that will be ran this round. Lets take a closer look!
Doodle Pirates: Main Print and 3 Panels, Octo, Mermaid, Pirate Ship. 
Panels will be offered for individual sale.
Doodle Army in Blue: Main print, Dragon Panel.
Dragon in Red: Tossed main, Scales coordinate, Red Panel.
If you are new to Pre-orders, here's a quick recap on how they work.
Pre-order will close Oct 31st.
Please remember, Pre-orders are not in stock. They take a minimum of 6-8 weeks to come in from the time pre-order closes and numbers are sent to the printers. If you are not willing to wait a minimum of 10 weeks, do not order.
You can order on the website, or if you choose Layaway, you can use the order form in the Facebook group

With layaway, you will receive two invoices. First is a $50 non refundable deposit that is due immediately. Once that invoice has been paid you will be sent a second invoice with your detailed order and the $50 will be shown as a credit on your invoice. 
In the event that you do not pay your invoice, this fee will not be returned under ANY circumstance. The rest of your invoice can be paid at your leisure up until the last day of the following month, ei since Round 30 closes Oct 31, you will have until Nov 30th to pay your invoice in full.
To qualify for layaway you must order at least 5 yards. 8 panels equal 1 yard, so you can order 4 yards and 8 panels to qualify.
For any other layaway questions please see the Layaway Info in the Facebook Group.
Now that we have all the important info out of the way, lets see some inspiration! 
 Our Strike off team did an amazing job sewing up Doodle Pirate!
Shelby Cole
Annelise Pyne : Elliedactyl
Latisha Olmstead : Sprouting Jems
 Sylvia Birns-Sprague : Patchwork Patootie
Krissy Hill - Totally Tootsies

See you all tomorrow!!