Last Call Round 30 Preorder October 29, 2016 19:00

If you needed some more inspiration, here's a few more outfits made by our awesome Strike off team! 
How adorable is this hoodie from Patchwork Patootie in Doodle Pirate?
Shelby Cole made a rocking tank from the Mermaid Panel, showing that us grown ups can pull off these prints too!
Kristy Tourjee used two panels, the Octo for the front, and the Pirate ship for a sleeve. 
Lastly we have Totally Tootsies putting the Octo panel front and center! 
The other two designs strike offs took longer than we thought, but we'll have some amazing inspiration sewn up to make you all wish you ordered more!
Again, Pre-order closes October 31st. So don't miss out!

Another Library Cardigan October 27, 2016 00:00

We're sharing one last Library Cardigan for the Library Cardigan Sew-along with Little Lizard King! This time I made it in Dragons in purple paired with stripes. I adore these dragons! The Red Dragons are open for pre-order right now and will close on the 31st, the same day this sew-along ends, so get your order in!
This cardigan was so fun to make. As usual for me, I couldn't totally follow the directions and sewed the side seams so the seams are hidden, sandwiched between the layers. It makes it look so clean and spiffy on the inside! 

This cardigan does fit Zoe, but I'm scared to give that girl such giant pockets, Paisley on the other hand..... The worst I'll find in those pockets with her is chapstick and her Ellie Stuffy. It also looks super stylish oversized and slouchy.
This pattern is perfect for kids and adults alike.
The prize for the sew-along is 1 yard Sash Fabric and a 5 pattern pack from Little Lizard King. There's a few days left, so get sewing!

Library Cardigan Sew-along October 25, 2016 00:00

We're showing off another awesome Library Cardigan, this time made using Wild Things from Round 27! 
This cardigan was made by Jessalyn Jones. If you haven't felt this fabric before, it's heavenly. I really want one in my size and luckily, the Library Cardigan also comes in adult sizing
There will be very limited amounts of Wild Things for retail when pre-order ends, so make sure not to miss out on snagging some up if you missed the Pre-order!
The sew-along ends October 31st, so get cracking! There's an awesome prize package consisting of:
5 patterns of choice from Little Lizard King 
1 yard from Sash Fabrics.
Three (3) lucky people will also be chosen to win a cart pass to shop Little Lizard Kings Black Friday sale early as well. 
To enter, go grab your Library Cardigan, sew it up, post it in your social media, then leave the link over on Little Lizard Kings blog in a comment!
This cardigan is so easy to make and absolutely adorable, so make sure you enter!

Library Cardigan Sew-along & Giveaway October 20, 2016 00:00

We teamed up with Little Lizard King for a Library Cardigan Sew-along!

Krissy Hill, one of our admin and owner of Totally Tootsies, made up the Library Cardigan in Doodle Army. I love how she used the panel for the sleeve! 
Doodle Army in blue is open for Pre-order right now! Pre-order ends October 31st. There will be very limited retail ordered, so you wont want to miss out!
The sew-along ends October 31st too and has an awesome prize package. 
To enter, go grab your Library Cardigan, sew it up, post it in your social media, then leave the link over on Little Lizard Kings blog in a comment!
This cardigan is so easy to make and absolutely adorable, so make sure you enter!
 Don't forget to use the code: sashcardiparty to get 20% off!!
Can't wait to see all of your cardigans!

Round 30 October 14, 2016 00:00

Round 30 Opens tomorrow, Saturday October 15th! 
There are 3 prints that will be ran this round. Lets take a closer look!
Doodle Pirates: Main Print and 3 Panels, Octo, Mermaid, Pirate Ship. 
Panels will be offered for individual sale.
Doodle Army in Blue: Main print, Dragon Panel.
Dragon in Red: Tossed main, Scales coordinate, Red Panel.
If you are new to Pre-orders, here's a quick recap on how they work.
Pre-order will close Oct 31st.
Please remember, Pre-orders are not in stock. They take a minimum of 6-8 weeks to come in from the time pre-order closes and numbers are sent to the printers. If you are not willing to wait a minimum of 10 weeks, do not order.
You can order on the website, or if you choose Layaway, you can use the order form in the Facebook group

With layaway, you will receive two invoices. First is a $50 non refundable deposit that is due immediately. Once that invoice has been paid you will be sent a second invoice with your detailed order and the $50 will be shown as a credit on your invoice. 
In the event that you do not pay your invoice, this fee will not be returned under ANY circumstance. The rest of your invoice can be paid at your leisure up until the last day of the following month, ei since Round 30 closes Oct 31, you will have until Nov 30th to pay your invoice in full.
To qualify for layaway you must order at least 5 yards. 8 panels equal 1 yard, so you can order 4 yards and 8 panels to qualify.
For any other layaway questions please see the Layaway Info in the Facebook Group.
Now that we have all the important info out of the way, lets see some inspiration! 
 Our Strike off team did an amazing job sewing up Doodle Pirate!
Shelby Cole
Annelise Pyne : Elliedactyl
Latisha Olmstead : Sprouting Jems
 Sylvia Birns-Sprague : Patchwork Patootie
Krissy Hill - Totally Tootsies

See you all tomorrow!!

Welcome To Sash Fabrics! October 10, 2016 01:00

Welcome to Sash Fabrics!
If you're new to Custom Fabric groups, I'm going to give you a run down on how things work.
Pre-orders opens on the 15th of each month and ends on the last day of the month. You can order on the website on the "pre-order" tab or fill out the layaway form in the Facebook group.
Once the round closes, Jackie sends the yardage amounts to the printers. It can take 6-12 weeks, sometimes longer for the fabric to ship to Jackie. If this is not okay with you, DO NOT ORDER
If delays occur, there will be notifications posted in the Sash Fabrics Group.
Since the fabric is printed over seas the timelines are out of our control, but we will always keep you updated in the group. Each round has their own album in the facebook group and notifications will be posted to the relevant round.
Once Jackie receives the fabric and cuts out all the orders, a notification of shipment will be posted in the group. After this, any retail will be posted on the Sash Fabrics site under "retail". Please note that there is very little retail ordered, so make sure if you are wanting a print, order it during the pre-order.
We love to see what you create from Sash Fabric, so please feel free to come show off your makes in the main Facebook group!

Sash Market is for buying, selling, and trading Sash Fabrics and you are free to post items for sale from your shop in that specific group. Please make sure to read the rules and only post your Sash Fabric makes in there. Also note that Sash Fabrics and it's admins/moderators are NOT responsible for bad transactions that occur in that group so please use your best judgement when doing business.
You can find Sash Fabrics on their Webpage, Instagram, Facebook Sash Fabrics Group, and Sash Fabrics Market Group.
Have any other questions? Don't hesitate to come and ask in the Facebook Group!
Can't wait to see you there!
- Sash Fabric Team

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