Sash NFT - Doodle Army

$ 20.00

Have your child's name placed onto this beautiful piece of art, drawn and produced by me. Your order is a digital download and will be designed and emailed to you within 48 hours of the confirmation of your order details. These are one of a kind and such a unique way to display art in your child's bedroom.  These are sized for printing from 8x10 to 16x20. Smaller sizes can be printed but the edge may trim slightly. 


1. Place your order here. Add this item to your cart and check out. 

2. DM me immediately on facebook (Jackie Cue on Sash Fabrics) and give me your order number and the name you'd like on your order. 

3. I will email you the final image within 24 hours on the email you provided on your order. Please make sure your email is updated. 

NO REFUNDS! Due to the nature of the item and its custom nature, there are absolutely no refunds. 

This is not a tangible item but yet a digital download only. 

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