Monstera Deliciosa Fruit

$ 25.00

Picked and shipped directly from Hawaii! 

Size of each fruit is approximately 10-15oz. Discounts available for bulk.

Monstera Deliciosa is sometimes called “Fruit Salad Plant” in English because the fruit of the Monstera tastes a bit like just about every delicious fruit that exists. Strawberry, banana, mango, guava, passion fruit and pineapple are all flavors that are attributed to this fruit.

The downside is that it takes at least 10 months for the fruit of the Monstera Deliciosa to be ripe. However there is some risk involved, if you eat unripe fruit, it can burn seriously in your throat, leaving a tingling/itchy feeling. The fruit is ripe when the scale on the outside starts to come loose and the inside turns yellow like a banana. Only eat it once these scales have fallen off.

Unlocking that flavorful potential—and avoiding any painful toxicity—is all a matter of timing. To ripen the fruit, set it inside a jar or glass and cover it with a brown bag. In time, the green hexagonal scales that make up the outer skin will slowly fall off from one end to another. You can nudge the scales off gently with a finger, but should stop if you find yourself using force.

The fruit underneath will resemble an ear of corn and can be removed and eaten as it becomes exposed. If there are sections with scales that have not yet fallen off, that means those parts are still dangerous and need more time to ripen. Even when the fruit is ready to eat, patience and moderation is still essential: Eating too much of the pulp may have a laxative effect.

It takes effort and care to eat a monstera, but once you’ve gone through the trouble, you will be rewarded handsomely. 

*Can take up to two weeks to ship, depending on when the Monstera is ready and ripe enough to be picked however most orders are shipped within 3-5 business days. 

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