Stitch Blue

$ 25.00

Reactive dye, digitally printed on 95/5 cotton/lycra knit Jersey, 220-260 gsm, 52+ inches wide. Anything over 52" in width is free. Custom short run prints may have some small flaws, especially close to the selvage, as noted in the Sash group. Please be sure you are a part of that group to keep up with updates. Colors may differ slightly from those represented on your screen. Items must be inspected for issues upon receipt and notify an admin with any problems within 48 hours of delivery, otherwise no refunds or exchanges. 

**Yardage may not be continuous for retail but will be for preorders. 
** Retail items will take 5-7 days to ship, preorders take approx 6-8 weeks.
**Panels are sold separately

Link to group for updates:

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